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How to get your donor thank-you letters signed and in the mail quickly.

You know that your donor thank-you letters are much more effective if you mail them within 48 hours of when you receive a donation. But, if you're like many of the frustrated fundraisers I hear from, your inspiring thank-you letters may be sitting around on the desk of a very busy executive director or CEO who wants to personally sign each one. Here are some ideas to help you fix this common problem.

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How to Rock Your Thank-You Letter to Year-End Donors!

Read on to hear about two of the most common challenges development professionals face when they try to get effective thank you letters out promptly. You’ll also get a simple checklist of what to include in your thank-you letters.

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What shape will your annual report take?

A good annual report is essential and you shouldn't skimp on it. But you can take advantage of some of the different media, formats and communication tools available to make it as powerful and wide-reaching as it can be. This may mean using a combination of formats. Read on for more information and to see a video excerpt from the January 24 Alternative Nonprofit Annual Reports event.

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Veteran Communicators Give Honest and Fun Advice at Social Media for Social Causes Panel

Thanks to Seneca College for organizing the Social Media for Social Causes panel discussion. It offered an interesting mix of practical communications suggestions for nonprofits and charities and career tips for PR students. I hope you will enjoy my summary of key points as much as I enjoyed the discussion.

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