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 Selected examples of Karen's writing in the areas of health and wellness:



Excerpt from an Annual Report for the Micronutrient Initiative, a nonprofit focused on nutrition and international development. Click on the image to the left to open a PDF document containing the excerpt.

Solutions for Hidden Hunger



Website copy, tagline, boilerplate, and fundraising materials for Lymphoma Canada. Click on the image to the left to visit the Lymphoma Canada website.

Good health is the foundation on which we build all other aspects of our lives. Only in a healthy population are individuals able to achieve their full potential and contribute their best back to society. Karen’s writing and communication planning work in the areas of health and wellness have included:

  • Leading the rebranding of the Micronutrient Initiative, an international NGO focused on nutrition, public health, and international development.  Writing website content, annual reports, news releases, and successful fundraising materials for the organization.
  • Leading the rebranding of CATIE to reflect the organization’s growing mandate after it won federal funding to become a national HIV information clearinghouse.
  • Writing a digital communications strategy and successful fundraising materials for People's Right to Integrative Medicine.
  • Writing Lymphoma Canada website content and fundraising letters.