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How to Get Your Nonprofit Known and Supported

Imagine the difference it would make if everyone knew your nonprofit and the good work you do. How would you change the world with the extra support you would have?

That's the power I want to bring to small nonprofits and charities that can't afford communications consulting and are struggling to do more with less. Because so many people I know in the nonprofit world struggle, I'm creating a course to help.

Although their organizations do excellent work, so many seem to have the same concerns: "We're the world's best kept secret," and "How do we even get started when there are so many communications options and no time/staff/money?"

I know what that's like because I spent many years leading communications for a wide variety of small but wonderful charities and nonprofits. I want to help small organizations that already do amazing things with very few resources so they can do even more. So if you are responsible for marketing or communications for a small nonprofit or charity, will you please share your challenges and unique insight to help me make the new course I'm developing the best tool possible?

The telephone interview will be confidential, and, in return, you'll have free pre-launch access to the course as soon as the development is finished.

I would like to interview up to 20 people to help me refine and organize the course material. If you are one of those people, all you need to do is answer questions about your challenges and needs. You don't have to propose solutions; you simply need to give honest answers, confidentially. In return I will give you free pre-launch access to the course. The working title of the course is "How to Get Your Nonprofit Known and Supported."  

Thank you! I'm so excited about the potential of a course like this to empower our sector, and I can't wait to speak with you.

Schedule an appointment for the telephone interview here: