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Getting Publicity
(Book Review)

Book Cover: Getting Publicity by Tana Fletcher and Julia RocklerTitle: Getting Publicity
Authors: Tana Fletcher and Julia Rockler
Publisher: Self-Counsel Press
Details: 207 pages, paperback, includes sample news releases, worksheets, checklists and an FAQ

This book is a great starting resource for do-it-yourself communicators and publicists in small businesses and non-profits. The authors share practical information about planning and implementing publicity campaigns and they do it in a clear and easy-to-understand writing style.

Fletcher and Rockler guide you through the processes to:

  • identify publicity opportunities
  • select and reach the right media outlets
  • prepare your message, materials and speakers
  •  make the most of the media coverage you earn.

The practical book is well organized with clearly highlighted action steps. It also offers multiple samples of real materials, worksheets and checklists to quickly guide you through the steps and get you on the way to running your own successful publicity campaign.

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