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Three things charities and non-profits want from their writers...

Non-profit writers must be able to share their passion for the cause, be able to write persuasively, and not be afraid to "make the ask". Please join the conversation about what non-profits need from their writers...

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Social Media Week: My Silly Mistake that Turned Out Very Well

Lesson learned: Social media week events sell out fast. So either register for your top picks immediately, or dive in and create a session of your own. I'm so glad that Amy Sept, of Nimbyist Communications, and I decided to dive in and create our own session for non-profits. I hope you can join us for the interactive panel event From Slacktivist to Activist: Partners in change, one small step at a time.

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Toronto Net Tuesday: Why non-profit marketers and PR pros should give up movie night

For non-profit marketers, communicators and public relations professionals, a good understanding of the technology tools at our disposal can help us make our organizations stand out. It can help us inform and engage the right people. Toronto Net Tuesday meetups might help you reach that lofty goal. Their latest event, Exploring tech trends & the opportunities for non-profits, covered five major technology trends affecting us today.

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Getting Social, for the Public Good.

Social Media Week 2012 is scheduled from February 13-17 and the theme is Empowering Change Through Collaboration. Get ready for some great discussions about how the voluntary sector can use social media and digital communications tools to collaborate and do even more good work!

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Using Your Newsletter to Create an Ambassador Corps

Do you have an Ambassador's Corner in your non-profit newsletter? Most supporters know their donation is important to your cause, but they also want to get involved and feel like part of a community taking action together. So a dedicated section in your newsletter with simple ways to spread the word and promote your cause may be just what supporters need.

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