Google Doodles and the Power of Visual Communication
Monday, February 10, 2014 at 8:30AM
Karen Luttrell

What do you think of Google's stand on human rights and the Winter Games at Sochi? Personally, I think it's fantastic to see a technology and media giant such as Google speak out in support of human rights this way.


I also think it's a very good example of how simple and low-cost visual communications tactics can send a very strong message. 


Your organization's audience may not be as large as Google's, but you DO have a base of supporters who believe in your cause. And they will share your message, if you give them the tools.


How will you visually communicate your key messages to supporters? What graphics will you give them to share? Will you use the banner on your website homepage? Or the cover photo on your Facebook page? What about giving your supporters cover photos to use on their own Facebook page? Or how about updating the banner at the top of your email newsletter?


Working with professional photographers and graphic designers can add polish to your visual communications and increase your effectiveness. If you need help connecting with professionals, I'm happy to refer you to some I've worked with. You can also look through professional associations such as the Registered Graphic Designers.


But if you're working on your own, there are some great resources and tools available to help you take advantage of visual communications opportunities:
  • Check out these tips for spicing up your photography, if you're taking pictures yourself.
  • You can find affordable stock photos and illustrations through services like Big Stock Photo and Fotolia
  • Free online imaging editing software can help you shape, size, and perfect your images and banners and add text.
  • A basic understanding of graphic design principles will help a great deal. I recommend an excellent book titled The NonDesigner's Design Book. This is not an affiliate sales link, I just found the book very helpful.


It's also very helpful to know the exact dimensions, in pixels, of the space you have to work with when you are creating graphics for digital communications. Hubspot offers a good article on best practices for using your Facebook cover photo effectively. At the bottom of the article, you'll also find a link to download more information and PPT templates to help you create social media cover photos for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.


If you have an example of how you're using banners and graphics to visually communicate your stand on an issue, please share it with us in the comments. Please feel free to include links to your examples if you like!

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